Black Travelers Say Home-Share Hosts Discriminate, and a New Airbnb Report Agrees – The New York Times

The internal study details the vacation rental company’s antidiscrimination efforts. But some travelers of color say it and other home-share companies don’t go far enough, the New York Times reports.

In a report released on Tuesday, Airbnb acknowledged the issues and provided the first public data on the steps it has taken to reduce racial disparities, including removing some human factors from the booking process.

Laura Murphy, a civil rights expert who has directed the Washington legislative office for the American Civil Liberties Union and is now a senior adviser to Airbnb, wrote the introduction to the report. It reveals some of what has been learned from Project Lighthouse, an effort that was publicly started in 2020 by Airbnb and Color of Change, an online anti‌discrimination group, to use internal company data to measure patterns of discrimination.

Real the full story.

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