Young, Gifted, & Diverse: Origins of the New Black Elite

In this episode of the Varying Viewpoints podcast series, Marybeth Gasman, Executive Director at the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity, and Justice, spoke with Camille Z. Charles, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg, Professor in the Social Sciences in the Departments of Sociology and Africana Studies, at the University of Pennsylvania. In this episode, Camille discusses her new book, Young, Gifted, & Diverse: Origins of the New Black Elite. Camille highlights diversity among the new educated Black elite—those graduating from America’s selective colleges and universities in the early 21st century. This internal diversity alongside political consensus complicates assumptions about both a monolithic Black experience and the future of Black political solidarity. In addition to highlighting diversity among the newly educated Black elite, she offers advice to individuals exploring career and educational opportunities in Africana studies who want to address racial inequity in the education system to support all of their students.

Listen to this episode here

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