Upcoming Activities From the Human Rights Collective

Here are some upcoming efforts from the Human Rights Collective.

Training: Dealing With Difficult Conversations 

It’s not easy to find the courage to speak when someone you love says something that makes you feel uncomfortable. However, lasting change can only occur when you do. Contact us to have a workshop conducted for your school or organization.

A poetry anthology: 

Voices for the Voiceless. The process will begin in May 2022. We will offer guidelines for submission. Three winners will receive:  1st prize $250, 2nd prize $100, 3rd prize $50. They will be published in the book, featured on our sites and authors can create an optional performance video. Other poems that meet the guidelines will be posted in the book.

Spring Survival Kits:

From Salvation Army Bellringers to an influx of volunteers for holiday Turkey and toy drives are prevalent in November and December. But charities report a sharp drop off in support, beginning in March. We will be collecting donations of gift cards, cash, and other items to distribute to struggling families in Southeast Idaho.

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