Opinion | I’ve Been a Critical Race Theorist for 30 Years. Our Opponents Are Just Proving Our Point For Us.


Seemingly overnight, my obscure legal specialty became a national lightning rod. What would CRT say about that? writes Gary Peller

“It is a good thing that teachers and other school officials are trying to change that by taking a more thoughtful and accurate approach to our history, and being more honest about what needs fixing. And as they do, it’s worth bearing in mind that what’s really under attack right now isn’t the bogeyman of “critical race theory”— it’s the modest and long overdue change being ushered in by teachers and school administrators. They may never have heard of CRT, but they intuitively understand why it exists—and rightfully see the absurdity of the conservative charge that teaching about racism is itself racist.”

Read the full story in Politico

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