Dr. Keith Anderson Launches The Anti-Racism Center “The ARC”

What are 10 beliefs of an anti-racist? Answers to this question and many, many more are found on a new educational website.

The purpose for ‘The ARC’ site, a project of Dr. Keith L. Anderson, is to help people learn how to become change agents in the fight against racism. To fight racism one must understand what racism is and what racism does. Then, one must understand the actions needed to disassemble racism. This is a call to action. To answer the call one must understand how important it is to move from a non-Racist mindset to an Anti-Racist mindset.

Read more at https://theantiracismcenter.net/

Dr. Keith L. Anderson is a product of Vallejo High School, Solano Community College and Boise State University. In high school, he excelled in sports, especially football. After playing football for Solano Community College, he earned a football scholarship to Boise State University. He then went to Utah State University School of Graduate Studies via a Martin Luther King Fellowship Award. Following graduate school he was a Banker. He was also an adjunct Speech Communication Instructor for 18 years at Boise State University. In 2006 he received a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Idaho, Boise Campus. He has written 2 books and three movies, including a football murder mystery “A Black Soul Rises”. He has just completed “Nathan Ricks and the Elephant’s Treasure”, an adventure about a African American teenage (not yet published). He recently had published, “From Racist to Non-Racist to Anti-Racist: Becoming Part of the Solution”. He currently works with low income students. He also conducts seminars, lectures and teacher in-services on the topics of multiculturalism, anti-racism and diversity in the classroom. He helps teachers to better communicate with students from diverse backgrounds.

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