Stay Tuned for Financial Literacy Tips from Ayriss Paije Torres

Empowering the Latinx community with financial knowledge is the key to reducing the wealth gap. 

Hispanics’ personal finance knowledge is generally lower than that of the overall U.S. adult population, according to TIAA Institute. The difference is prevalent across all demographic groups, except for young (ages 18-34) U.S.-born Hispanics, whose financial literacy is close to that of young non-Hispanic whites.

That is why the Human Rights Collective welcomes Financial Educator Ayriss Paije Torres. A loan officer for Idaho Central Credit Union, Ayriss is passionate about human rights.

The report findings also show a notable difference in financial literacy within the Hispanic population, with higher levels among U.S.-born Hispanics compared to those born elsewhere. This within-group difference cannot be attributed to differences in underlying demographics, as the finding is consistent when accounting for age, education and income.

Ayriss is an agent for change. Check back here regularly for her featured blogs.

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