Ta-Nehisi Coates took Black Panther to Dark Places — and it Paid Off

After five years, it comes to an end: the acclaimed run of one of the most important Black minds of a generation scripting the most important Black superhero of all time, the Washington Post Reports.

Ta-NehisiCoates’s last issue of Black Panther was published by Marvel Comics on Wednesday, wrapping up a job that he debuted in 2016, at a time of awakening in the industry. Gone were the days of publishers being able to pat themselves on the back for creations such asthe Puerto Rican/African American Spider-Man, Miles Morales, while not having someone who looked like Morales be a part of the creative process, the story continues.

According to WaPo, the rise of social media gave voice to diverse corners of comics fandom. They digitally shouted to the rooftops that people of color should beguiding the few pop-culture superhero icons of color. You could pretend to not hear it, but the laws of social media made it impossible for the message not to be seen.

Read the full story in the Washington Post

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