Idaho Conference on Refugees: Reflection and Analysis

The Idaho Conference on Refugees will be on February 22-23 (Wed/Thurs), 2023 at Boise State University Student Union Building (SUB).

More conference information can be found on the Idaho Office for Refugees website.

Student involvement for Intercultural Communication Class

  1. You can attend the conference (exposure) OR write your journal analysis/reflection using the links below (research). For students who are attending the conference independently the highlighted sessions are free. See the Discussion Board for the registration link.
  2. Complete the assignments related to the conference topics

Write a 1000 word reflection/analysis in one of the following two ways. This will be a journal entry, no references are necessary.

1. research: (learn from others’ stories): 

  • WRITING: Which of the materials above engaged you the most? Share your gut feelings. What were some of the “hooks” above? What kept you engaged? If you did not feel engaged with some of the materials, explain why. Choose one scene or sentence from the materials above that you liked. Explain why. What made that scene or sentence so great? Add further thoughts and reflections about your viewing and reading. Be sure to mention at least one of the two TED talks as well as all of the other links above, in your journal.
2. exposure: attend the conference (analyze systems, cultures, and policies):
    • Pre-conference: As you think about the Idaho Conference on Refugees coming up, what are you most looking forward to? What do you already know about refugees in Idaho? What do you hope to learn? In what ways do you expect to grow from attending this conference?
    • Post-conference: What did you learn from the conference? In what ways were you challenged? How did you grow? In what ways did your thinking shift?  Add further thoughts and reflections about the conference.

Full points will be given to posts that thoroughly answer the prompt and demonstrate understanding of material with well-developed ideas. Posts should clearly show logical organization and make relevant connections. Ideas should be appropriate, thoughtful, and indicate awareness of task, purpose, and audience. Writing needs to be  free of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.

To receive full credit your entry should be in a Word doc, 12 point font. Use New York, Georgia, or Time New Roman font. You do not need to specifically cite references for this assignment. 

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