This Tribe Works to Reclaim its History, one Jet-Boat Cruise at a Time

For years, the tribe has watched as tour operators have built a $4 million riverboat business through its ancestral lands, according to the Idaho Statesman.

But Stacia Morfin is forcing the tourism industry to take the Nez Perce into account — and is rewriting her own story, too. This 36-year-old entrepreneur, who once spent three years in prison, is now the owner of Nez Perce Tourism, a business that offers dinner tours, powwows, Appaloosa-riding experiences, white-water rafting and, of course, the river tours, the story says.

She’s hired more than 55 drummers, singers, historians, presenters, storytellers and artists from her tribe to contribute to the company, the only local tour business owned by a Nez Perce member.

Read the full story from the Idaho Statesman.

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