Here Are The Shocking Numbers Behind America’s Online Harassment Problem

Each year, ADL releases a report on the state of online hate and harassment in America, according to Buzzfeed. We pulled some highlights from the report that show how big of a problem this is in our country. You can read the full report here.

LGBTQ+ respondents reported higher rates of overall harassment than all other identity groups for the third consecutive year at 64%. Muslim respondents were at 46% in 2021, which was similar to the already high 42% of Muslims who reported experiencing harassment during the previous year, the article says.

The largest single year-over-year rise in severe online harassment was experienced by Asian American respondents, with 17% reporting experiencing it this year compared to 11% last year. Bigotry and conspiracy theories that grew online had an effect offline. National leaders blamed China for the pandemic, including former president Trump, who referred to the virus as the “China plague” or “kung flu.” Such rhetoric, which had roots in the online space, coincided with a spike of physical violence against Asian people.

Read the full article from Buzzfeed.

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