The Critical Race Theory Panic has White People Afraid that they Might be Complicit in Racism

Keziah Ridgeway says she’s the only teacher she knows in Philadelphia who teaches critical race theory in public high school — and she teaches it in her anthropology class, as one framework among many to understand human cultures. But she also teaches African American history, and that’s what she thinks the frenzy over critical race theory (CRT) is really about, according to CNN.

“Critical race theory is a lens, right? It’s not being taught in schools,” Ridgeway says. It’s a theory for understanding the interaction of race and the law, and is mostly taught in graduate school, not elementary school. But conservatives are using the phrase to mean any instruction about the role of race in America, past or present, the story reads.

The explicit message is that such instruction puts White people in danger of being blamed for their ancestors’ crimes. Its undercurrent is that it could bring attention to the ways that White people today continue to benefit from racism, CNB reports.

Read the full story from CNN.

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