After Outcry Over Contentious Job Listing, Indiana Candy Shop Owner Selling Business

The proprietor was accused of sexism.

Last week, Randy Good, the owner of Good’s Candy Shop in Anderson, Indiana, posted a lengthy job listing (since deleted) and shared his poor experiences with certain types of employee behaviors, including laziness, manipulation, lying and “worst of all combined, the splitters,” the Idaho Statesman reports.

“Splitting is a behavior of girls, young mostly but not always. Usually taught by their mothers. This is the person who talks about others in an attempt to split people apart and feel better about themselves,” Good posted. “…This my friends, is poison in action. These misguided gals have no end game. It’s just spreading and stirring all the while believing they are innocent. It’s such a common thing among girls. This is where toxicity and drama find their roots.”

Read the full story from the Idaho Statesman

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