Black-Asian solidarity has a long and storied history in America

Black talk show hosts, civil rights icons, faith leaders, recording artists, athletes, directors, writers, entertainers, producers, fashion designers, academics and even a Black former President are taking a stand against anti-Asian hate, according to an opinion by Van Jones.

He continues:

This massive display of solidarity is no surprise to those who know the long history of America’s struggle for racial equality. Today’s actions build on a centuries-long tradition of Black and Asian American solidarity when it has mattered the most.

Frederick Douglass advocated for Chinese and Japanese immigration

(1869): Legendary civil rights icon Frederick Douglass gave a speech about immigration in 1869 at a moment when restricting Chinese and Japanese migration to the United States was central to the political debate. Douglass took a strong stand for a “composite nation” with free migration as a fundamental human …

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