Confronting White Supremacy Among Our Neighbors, Our Families — and Ourselves

The list of those arrested or identified as participants grows: legislators, lawyers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, current and former members of the armed forces, and police officers.

“It’s long been assumed that the most extreme upholders of white supremacy in the United States, those willing to engage in violence on its behalf, are impoverished, uneducated, socially stunted, and confined to their mothers’ basements,” reads an article in the Boston Globe.

Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal was formerly the head of Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq and the commander of all U.S. and allied troops fighting the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan. “I did see a similar dynamic in the evolution of al-Qaida in Iraq, where a whole generation of angry Arab youth with very poor prospects followed a powerful leader who promised to take them back in time to a better place, and he led them to embrace an ideology that justified their violence. This is now happening in America,” McChrystal told Yahoo News.

But …

“The Trumpists, neo-Nazis, militia members, and QAnon adherents who broke down the doors of the Capitol, wielding improvised and very real weapons, are people who were able to take time off work in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, travel to another city, and make reservations at some of Washington’s swankiest hotels. They were able to devote time and money and resources to buy military gear and use it. They are America’s gentry, golfers, homeowners association members, and school-board warriors and heads of the PTA.”

Read the Full Boston Globe article.

“In the days following the insurrection, as footage has been inspected and suspects have been arrested, it’s become soberingly clear that among the miscreants, enablers and criminals whose mob attack resulted in at least five deaths, there were military veteranslawmakerspolice officers — even an Olympic athlete, according to the Washington Post. “The very embodiment of what we’ve been taught to think of as ‘good guys.’”

Christopher Booker of PBS NewsHour reported:

While the complexion and gender of those who attacked the capitol was overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male, the profiles of those responsible emerging from the growing list of arrests, paints an unsettling portrait of just how wide America’s hate has spread.

Fifty two-year-old Bradley Rukstales was until last week, a CEO of a Chicago area data and marketing company. Capitol police arrested him for unlawful entry.

Forty nine-year-old Christine Priola, in this photo on the Senate floor, resigned from her job as an occupational therapist for Cleveland schools.

And 38-year-old Klete Keller, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, was identified by his U.S. Olympic Team jacket in a video taken during the attack.

For those who have long studied extremism, the disparate biographies, indicate an ominous turn in America.

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