What Racism? What is All This Anger About?

For those who ask, what’s wrong? Why are people so angry? Show them this video. Then read below for a summary of statistics from the work.

  1. The Average black household has 60% of the income of the average white household.
  2. The average black household has only 1/10 the wealth of the average white household.
  3. In 1968, 81% of Americans agreed that Law and Order had broken down in this country, with the majority blaming this on communists and “negroes that start riots.”
  4. In 1948, 40% of new housing developments in Minneapolis had covenants prohibiting purchase by African-Americans.
  5. In New York and New Jersey, the GI bill insured more than 67,000 new mortgages. Fewer than 100 of those went for homes purchased by non-whites.
  6. In 1947, there were 3,200 mortgages in Mississippi guaranteed by the government for returning veterans. Only 2 went to black veterans.
  7. As late as 1970, only 28% of black fathers had access to a car.
  8. In 1970, 70% of African-American men had good, blue-collar jobs. By 1987, only 28% did.
  9. During the Reagan-Bush years, the anti-drug budget for the Department of Defense went from $33 million in 1981 to $1.04 billion in 1991. The DEA’s budget went from $86 million to $1.03 billion.
  10. During the Clinton presidency (1993-2001), the funding for public housing was cut by $17 billion. At the same time, the funding for prisons increased by $19 billion.
  11. In 1980, there were 41,000 Americans imprisoned for drug crimes. Today, there are more than 500,000+; more than the entire 1980 prison population.
  12. In 2005, 80% of the arrests were for possessing drugs, not selling drugs.
  13. Between 1997 and 1999, the pentagon handled 3.5 million orders for military equipment, for more than 11,000 police agencies. This list includes: 253 Aircraft, 7,800 M-16 Rifles, 181 Grenade Launchers, 8,000 Bulletproof Helmets, 1,200 Night-vision Goggles.
  14. In 1986, Minneapolis SWAT teams performed “no knock” entries 35 times. In 1996, they performed “no knock” entries 700 times. That’s 2 every day.
  15. In 25 years the U.S. prison population went from 350,000 in 1980 to over 2.3 million in 2005.
  16. The United States currently has the highest rate of incarceration in the world.
  17. The U.S. imprisons a higher percentage of our black population than South Africa did during Apartheid.
  18. Data shows that the increased prison population was driven primarily by changes in sentencing policy. There is no visible connection between higher incarceration rates and higher violent crime rates.
  19. In 2006, 1 in 106 white men were behind bars. For black men, it was 1 in 14. For black men between age of 20 and 35, the age where families are built, it’s 1 in 9.
  20. Overall, African-Americans and white Americans use drugs at roughly the same rate. The imprisonment rate of African-Americans for drug charges is almost 6x that of whites.
  21. Study: A law in Georgia permitted prosecutors to seek life imprisonment for a 2nd drug offense. Over the period of the study, this law was used against 1% of white offenders and 16% of black offenders. As a result, 98% of prisoners serving life sentences under this law were black.
  22. Study: African-American youth in the U.S. make up 16% of all youth, but 28% of all juvenile arrests, 35% of youth sent to adult court instead of juvenile court, and 58% of youth admitted to adult state prison.
  23. Study: Blacks on the New Jersey turnpike make up 15% of all drivers, but 42% of all stops by police and 73% of all arrests. Among all drivers stopped, white drivers were 2x more likely than black drivers to be carrying drugs.
  24. Study: Volusia County, Florida- 5% of all drivers in the study were black or Latino, but 80% of drivers stopped were black or Latino.
  25. Study: Oakland, California- black drivers in the study were 2x as likely as white drivers to be stopped, and 3x more likely to be searched.
  26. A gifted student usually has to be recommended by a teacher to move to a gifted track. When a teacher is black, equally gifted white and black students have comparable chances of being recommended. When a teacher is white, the black students’ odds of being recommended are cut in half.
  27. A white boy born in America today has a 1 in 23 chance of going to prison in his lifetime. For a black boy, it’s 1 in 4.

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