The Face of Courage

‘From my home state of Montana: a portrait of courage and grace at a peaceful protest,” wrote Thomas Nybo in a Facebook post. “Look closely at the eyes of the woman. Her name is Samantha Francine.” She was raised by a white single father.

Watch this video of the incident.

“He taught us from a young age that things were going to be different for us just because of the color of our skin,” Samantha wrote on Facebook. “One of the things he used to remind us of constantly was that ‘No matter the threat, always look them in the eye so they have to acknowledge you’re human.’ 

“My father passed 16 years ago this month,” she wrote. “In this moment, those are the words that went through my head. When I lifted up my glasses, he saw me. I saw him. He was acting out fear, I know that. I hold no malice in my heart for this man. I hope this moment will soften him. I hope he will be changed. But even if he isn’t, I am.”

Samantha appeared on CNN.

Samantha just appeared on CNN. Here’s the video.

In case you’re wondering what the big white guy is saying, video shot while the photograph was taken captured his words: “Black Lives Matter? Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Nybo added:

Thank you, Samantha, for standing firm. Thank you for looking fear and prejudice in the eye and not blinking. You inspire me, and you inspire a country. 

Photo by Grace Jensen

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