What We Do

We are a multimedia and in-person outreach for anti-discrimination and anti-bullying. The Human Rights Collective, Inc. which began as a Facebook page called Human Rights Report, wanted to raise awareness of racism, and began posting with the hashtag #ExamplesOfRacism. With no shortage of material, a growing and very loyal group of followers began to engage, validating the need for such a discussion.

About a year later, the images of George Floyd were flashed across the screen and indelibly marked in the American psyche, forever. No longer could the reality of hostility and discrimination simply be dismissed. Hundreds of people from all walks of life, races, and political perspectives started asking what they could do. The outpouring of sincere concern, from around Idaho and the rest of the nation, was astounding. At that point, the Idaho Human Rights Collective evolved, and helped the community tap into the mission to, as our tagline says, “make the world a better place.”

In December of 2021, the Idaho Human Rights Collective formed into a 501(c)3 and became The Human Rights Collective Inc. The organization has since expanded its focus beyond racism to help fight against bullying of all forms. We work to educate and build community so that those with autism, members of the LGBT+ community, members of any race or ethnicity, people who are differently-abled, the elderly, and any vulnerable or marginalized populations can feel safe, valued, and accepted.

Read the original origin story at: https://bit.ly/hrcstories

Our EIN is 87-4141861 and your donation may be tax deductible.